In-Home Services

Summit Guidance Center offers quality in-home psychological and behavioral services for older adults, adults, adolescents, and children who may have emotional, behavioral, or organic disorders.  SGC is committed to providing on-site, flexible, comprehensive, and cost-effective services in a timely manner utilizing a cognitive behavioral systems approach and psychodynamics.  SGC services include close coordination with the referral source, such as case managers or county social services personnel.

In-Home Services Include:
• Diagnostic Assessments
• Individual Therapy
• Independent Living Skills
• Behavior Analysis
• Family Consultation
• Case Coordination
• Education and Training

SGC offers a holistic array of culturally-sensitive bilingual services that support the mental health and well-being of refugee and immigrant clients who have multiple layers of complex needs. We integrate traditional services such as clinical mental health counseling and medication management with culturally/spiritually tailored intervention strategies such as a meditation group co-facilitated by traditional healers.